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My readers are awesome.
The majority of my readers are DIYers with a passion for learning how to do things they may not have done before.  They desire thrifty finds, clever ideas, and home decor inspiration.  They are interested in products or services related to home improvement, power tools, and decorative items.

Hip2Thrift is a fast growing blog
As of August '12 (when I finally decided I wanted to blog consistently):
- traffic increased 1000%
- it gets 3,000 to 5,000 hits a day
- and readership is increasing every day

Advertising Options and Policies
Do you think my readers will like your shop, site, or product?  Signing up for ad space is easy!  Simply choose from the options below and click the button to buy.  If I like what you have to offer and think your ad will attract my readers, you'll see the ad on this site!

Sponsored Posts
Because sponsored posts can vary greatly in the length and subject matter, please send an email with your specific requests.  In the interest of 100% transparency, sponsored posts are always disclosed as such to my readers.

Got a great product that you would like me to try out?  Fantastic!  I'm especially interested in new products or sneak peeks at events that others may not know about.  Please keep in mind that I will only be interested in reviewing products or services that are the right fit in terms of this blog and it's content as it relates to do-it-yourself home improvement or decorating.  Also note that if you do decide to ship something, there is no guarantee that I can or will use it within a specific time frame - DIY takes time. However, I will do my best to provide you with info on the type of project I have in mind and keep you updated on its progress.

Please provide a sample product to me (for the review) and one sample to give away to my readers (to try the product themselves).  My honest opinions are what you'll get, so if I love it, I'll shout it from the rafters to thousands of my closest friends. If I don't, I will let you know via email why it didn't work.  

If you are not a regular sponsor of Hip2Thrift, but are interested in promoting your product, please note that the giveaway must be for a product or service relevant to the typical content of this blog. Email me.

Guest Posts or Features
love to feature hard work and give kudos to a job well done, especially when it's from another blogger or one of  my readers.  These kinds of posts are certainly welcome because they are win-win:  you get to show off to an audience ready to gobble up a before and after, and I get a wee break from blogging to pay attention to important things (um, like showering).  Feature requests can be sent to this email address.  If you are a commercial site and are requesting me to post infographics or embedded links, please see my above policies about advertising.


If you would like to offer a discount for my readers in addition to your sponsorship, please let me know (ex: enter offer code "ABC" for a 10% discount at checkout).  This is entirely optional, but it may help increase traffic to your site.  After all, my readers are on the lookout for great products at a great price!

If you haven't already, please read my full disclaimer page.  Primarily, these two sections:
  • In the interest of full honesty and transparency, any freebies that I receive, products or services provided at a discounted rate, or giveaways that I host are fully disclosed as such.  I have a personal interest in the integrity of this site, so I make every effort to disclose free product or sponsorship so that you always know that the review or opinion provided is 100% mine, both positive and negative.  
  • In selecting sponsorship, I try to select only those related to the content that you'll find on this site and that which will appeal to my readers (i.e. home improvement, crafting, etc).  However, I have no way of pre-screening each item that you may discover through this site.  Purchases made through these linked affiliates must be handled between you and that vendor or company.
Hip2Thrift reserves the right to modify or add to the above policies at any time.