Welcome to Hip2Thrift!I am Iuliana!

I am so giddy you landed on my blog, where you can find inspiration on how to live with purpose and also how to re-purpose, reuse, and recycle things that you already have or that others don’t want anymore! 

So, I blog mostly about my thrifty endeavors, lots of crafts, human rights, family, photography...and everything else that crosses my mind.

As you may have gathered...I like to thrift, or as my husband vocalizes on occasion - bring junk home. To him it's junk, but to me....a whole lot of opportunities.

When you look at old thrifted things, you can hate them for what you think they are...or love them for what they can become.

 Here area few random things about me, that may show throughout the blog:

- I don't like to follow trends, but I like them and do follow them. In fact, you'll notice that I fall prey to trends very often. Do I like that there is chevron everywhere? No! It's not like my blog design has any chevron or trellis or any of those trendy lines, shapes and colors!?! I guess I just can't help it. I try to be orginal but I guess I just am not.

- I wish I thought of these things before anyone else, so I'm not the one to follow someone's trends. Instead, my google reader is full of gorgeous looking blogs and my Pinterest boards reflect just that...my lack of originality.

- I hate when people say they are decorating on a budget, as some of them seem to use the term very loosely. Seriously, having a budget of $500 for art work in your...pantry...does NOT qualify as decorating on a budget. With this in mind, my budget tips include projects that are just that...very cheap...as cheap as possible.

- I am torn between wanting to create something beautiful and spending money. I love spending money but I hate it in the same time. 

- I either blog a lot...or very little. I don't promise regularity, but I promise to inspire you, to ask thought provoking questions and to help you see the awesome potential that thrift store finds, hand-me-downs and dumpster dives may have!

Take a lookie at some of my projects, sit down and stay awhile!
Want to know a little more about me? Here's a non-exhaustive list of random fact :
- lawyer
- european
- obsessive compulsive crocheter
- human rights fighter
- tomato lover
- hopeless romantic
- foreign accent
- nostalgia junkie
- neo hippie (direct quote from my husband)
- french manicure advocate (as long as we're on the french wave-line, I'll throw in 'french pastry lover')
- master exaggerator (is that a word?)
- anti-communist (not that relevant for many, but still quite pertinent for people in Moldova, where I am from)
wanna be Shumacher (I hear my husband laughing in the background)
- mother of the most precious and amazing three year old girl
- crafting on no a tight budget
- home decor
- photography
- chick flicks
- swimming
- mod podge
don't forget that glue gun ladies.
- sewing
- music

I have had a family blog for about 7 years, and as we lived in Europe for a while, it was an awesome medium to keep family and friends updated on our adventures.  My nesting and crafting have crowded that blog, so this one is a blog just for "moi" and YOU.

Again, If you like what you read here, I encourage you to join the Hip2Thrift Facebook Community or to follow me on Twitter, and Pinterest.  And please don’t be shy about leaving comments–they always make my day!

À tout à l'heure!!!

Iuliana (pronounced You-Lee-Ana)