To blog or not to blog?!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You may or may not have noticed that I've bean MIA from the blog for most of the summer. I could tell you all about the trials my family and I have been going through and how that didn't leave any time for projects, and therefore blogging on this supposedly project oriented blog; and I wouldn't be lying to you at all. I could tell you that I really wanted to take a break for the summer to spend more time with my family and serving others, and that wouldn't be a lie either. Whether that actually happened or not is enough for a whole new post. In reality, I really thought that I was done with this blogging thing, and since I wasn't having much success with it, why even try, right? Classic failure mentality, one that I have been guilty of giving into in many areas and endeavors of my life. Honestly, I couldn't even bring myself to write anything, even to say I won't be blogging or that I may return in the fall, because I really thought I wouldn't. 

The thing about failure is that I can't usually accept it easily in my life, which is why I continued to try to work on this blog in the past - probably because of how much I hated to admit to myself that I am failing miserably. Makes perfect sense, right? This may very well be the case, except I miss it so much, and even more than that, I miss crafting and doing projects. I miss using my creativity to make something to beautify my life and that of those around me. If it's only fear of failure, then why do I long to create?!

ANYWAY, here I am laying it all out on the inter webs, in the hopes that I'll be able to figure out a way to get rid of these self imposed limitations that have left me completely unable to do something that I love so dearly.

Hope y'all are enjoying the beginning of the beautiful fall season. Lots of hugs,
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  1. Iuliana, I know you have had such a difficult summer, but I also know you are anything but a failure! Seriously! You are amazing, and just because life has taken your blogging time, and even your desire to blog, away for a short while it has no reflection on you or your abilities! Truly! I have all the confidence and faith that eventually you will want to, and have more time, to do the things you love, including blogging. Whatever you decide, please know that I will be here! You are an amazing person Chica!

  2. ^ I agree with Mindi! ^ - Try to remember to have your blog revolve around your life, not your life revolve around your blog. Also, blog and create things because it is your passion, not because of x,y,z or whatever else your mind or other people's typical definition of success is. Bleh! Create and blog because it is your passion. And, if you decide not to blog, that is okay too. Do what brings joy in your heart and makes you smile. :D


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