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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's no secret that kids these days love technology and it's amazing how fast they learn how to use it. Hip2thrift's very own contributor Kara is here sharing her Favorite Family Friendly Apps. Enjoy - Iuliana

Family Friendly Apps
Created using the Toca Boca Tailor App.  Take pictures of your creations, using the background captured by your camera.  This background is our flight to visit family.
With all the travel my kids and I will be doing this summer, I rely heavily on electronic devices to keep the peace and help pass the time.  I wanted to share just a few of my very favorite family-friendly applications for Apple devices in case you have a road trip coming up, or are just looking for some fun.  

1)  Toca Hair Salon 2 by Toca Boca AB
As of this moment, this adorable app is the App of the Week, and is free. (So download it now, ask questions later.) It will be $2.99, and still worth the price.  This is an interactive toy, not a game.  You choose a client, cut their hair, style it, accessorize them, and take their pictures.  You can tell people you downloaded this for your kids, but you'll find it's a great way to entertain yourself as well.  Toca Boca has a ton of fun apps.  My next favorite is Toca Tailor.  It's such a great tool for creativity and imagination.  A "lite" free version of that is Toca Fairytale, which has fewer options but is nearly just as fun.

2) Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP Games
Favorite Family Friendly Apps @Hip2Thrift
This simple game is easy enough for two year olds, but preschoolers like it too.  There's color matching, simple puzzles, counting, and best of all, the only thing they can touch that stops play is the home key.  The developer, THUP, has a series of monkey apps.  We have all of them, and I would recommend them to any toddler and preschool family.  Their app, "When I Grow Up" is particularly fun for toddlers.  Their math and spelling apps are great for the preschool crowd.  I believe their apps are also available for android phones.

3) Elmo Calls by Sesame Street

Favorite Family Friendly Apps @Hip2Thrift
 This is great for entertaining toddlers, and practicing how to make phone calls and use FaceTime with them.  My toddler loves interacting with Elmo, and seeing herself on the iPhone screen.

4)    Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

Favorite Family Friendly Apps @Hip2Thrift
This is a word game where kids drag the letters to where they belong, and then are rewarded with a short animation that teaches them about the letters and the meaning of the word.  Kids don't need to be able to spell to play it, they just match up the letters to their outlines.  I know my son has a couple of words in his vocabulary that he picked up here.

Have fun everybody!  And if you're letting your kid use your apple device, I also recommend protecting it with an Otterbox Defender case.  I broke my screen when I had my phone out of my case for 5 minutes last week.  It isn't the toddler I can't trust, it's me.  When it's been in the case, I've probably dropped it hundreds of times and it never cracked.  They now also make them for iPads.

What are your favorite family friendly apps?


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  1. For some reason, these links only work for me on a "real" computer- not my phone. So if you need to, just search for them in the app store. They're all totally worth the bother.


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