How to make a bed canopy with an Embroidery Hoop

Friday, April 26, 2013

My daughter has been making sure to remind me regularly that she is a a big girl and a princess. So, I've been working on making changes from a baby looking room to more of a toddler or as she reminds me - princess room.

Because we live in an apartment that we rent, where not much can be done to the walls, I decided to make this bed canopy, that provides a lot of impact for minimal wall or ceiling damage; also satisfying my daughter's pleading for anything princess related.

It is absolutely perfect and my daughter is absolutely in love with her 'princess bed'. Head over to Craftaholics Anonymous, where I am sharing how to make this super easy bed canopy.

Have an awesome weekend and lots of hugs,
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  1. Hello there, my 9yo daughter is nagging me to make a bed canopy. I'm not the best of sewer at most of times but I don't wNt to disappoint! How do I find your instructions on DIY? In appreciation-Carol (Melbourne,Australia)😊

    1. If you click on the link that says Craftaholics Anonymous, it will take you to the guest post I did and it has step by step instructions. Bonus: No sewing involved!


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