Valentine's Day Project Fail

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I saw this cute wreath and tutorial at Naptime Crafts (isn't that an awesome name for a crafty blog?).

                                                                  Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

It seemed really simple and cheap to make, which is my kind of project, so I proceeded to making one.

Here is mine. Big fail. It looked so ridiculous that I really wanted to show you how my 
projects often sometimes turn out.

No matter what I did, the wire hanger did not look like a heart. I have found that my artistic abilities are very limited and most of the time look done by a second grader. I am not sure if my hands are growing from a different place as other crafters' hands, or it really isn't that simple to shape a wire hanger into a heart. To feel better, I will probably just use the latter justification. Plus, I didn't have burlap and used a strip of canvas, which was also torture to thread unto the wire I didn't bother to add more fabric, because it was gonna be ridiculous anyway.
 Oh booo....
Although this was a failed project, I don't feel like my Valentine's Day is ruined or anything.


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  1. It is good to know others fail too! I have had so many...And I have tried doing things with hanger wire and it has never worked for me either so..... just blame it on the hanger! Hugs!

  2. I would suggest that if you decide to try again, use floral craft wire which is so much easier to bend and thinner than that stupid hanger! You will be able to make a heart out of it for sure... AFTER you put the right fabric on it... "A" for effort on this one tho... LOL!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely try that. Maybe something St.Patrick's Day related?! Thanks for the A too and for stopping by!

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