Superbowl Recipes

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I like soccer. I am European and so I like soccer. But since most of my readers are american and superbowl is coming up soon, I figured you'll be watching it, Maybe I will watch I can impress my american husband with my knowledge of the game, which is currently limited only to
the fact I think the game is too violent. 
When I think of Super Bowl food, I think of hearty soups & chilis, yummy appetizers & easy-to-eat snacks, anything bite-sized, and delicious, munch-able treats.  This is a collection of recipes that have caught my eye, and started my mouth watering. Some of these are not very friendly, so choose one and balance it with fresh veggies and water instead of soda.  Enjoy!


Are you looking for some healthier options?  

Check out these links...

11 "Healthier" Super Bowl Food Ideas
Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Have a fabulous week!
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