Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Preview

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just wanted to take a moment today and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it. I am from Europe and we obviously don't have this Holiday, but we do celebrate the fall harvest and so this does have some aspects of home.

I think it's awesome that there is a holiday that reminds us to express more gratitude. After last week's car crash that my daughter and I were in, I feel so grateful for life. I can't even begin to tell you how scared I was that we were going to die, but in the end we were protected immensely and I got away with some bruises and road rash, and my daughter with just a bit of mark from the car seat straps.

I am grateful for car seats and that it did its job of protecting my child, even though our car flipped over and sled across the highway down unto the frontage road. Our bodies and this life are amazing.

Please stay safe and have an awesome thanksgiving!

Also, I just wanted to let you know about a huge Black Friday sale going on at Craftaholics Anonymous. There are a ton of wonderful handmade shops participating, including my shop YouLeeAna Boutique. Today is the preview, and tomorrow is the actual awesome sale and giveaway.
                                                             Source: craftaholicsanonymous.net via Iuliana on Pinterest

Head on over to Craftaholics Anonymous and then to the individual shops and see what you might like to buy on Black Friday. The sales are amazing!

Love and hugs,
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