8 Thanksgiving Dinner Must-Haves

Monday, November 18, 2013

As many of you know, I am European and have celebrated Thanksgiving only for a few years since I have moved to the US. Even the ones I did celebrate here, there were always prepared by my mother in law. Last year was the first time we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving by ourselves. However, I had a moldovan friend visiting and we just ended up making moldovan food. This year however, I am resolved to try a real american Thanksgiving feast and to keep myself accountable, we will probably have friends over. I had to google when Thanksgiving is and also what a traditional menu consists of.
So I put together a list of the must-haves, mostly for me, since I have no idea what I am doing. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Must Haves @Hip2Thrift

1. The Turkey!!! 
The star of the show. Lots of recipes out there and I am pretty intimidated by this part. I have the feeling I might end up just buying a ready made one. I don't know...haven't decided yet.

2. The Gravy
Not much to say here - it pulls the meal together, and anything 
with some gravy can taste extra yummy.

3. Sweet Potato Casserole
This is definitely my least favorite, but hey...it's traditional and most people like it.

4. Mashed Potatoes
I didn't grow up with Thanksgiving, but we sure had plenty of mashed potatoes. I like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to mashed potatoes. I may have to post my recipe soon.

5. Green Bean Casserole
I love this casserole and it is so simple to make.
I've made on so many other non holiday related occasions.

6. Rolls
I am still looking for a gluten free recipe for rolls, so hopefully I'll have some on the my Thanksgiving table.

7. Cranberry sauce

8. Pumpkin Pie
I am not a big fan anything pumpkin or pie related (gasp), but I am pretty sure my other guests will enjoy some. I may do some sort of variation of the classic pie...cupcakes anyone?

Do you have any yummy recipes you use for Thanksgiving? Did I miss anything? Share in the comments. 

Not to freak anyone out, but Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, 
and then we can decorate for Christmas!

Hugs and Thank you,
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  1. I would love your mashed potatoes recipe!

  2. Brine your turkey. It's a great way to ensure a moist turkey, even for a rookie.
    I don't like most sweet potato casseroles. If you want one that's delicious and pie-like, check out the pioneer woman's recipe. It's a sweetened custard, baked with a pecan topping.
    Buy a pie from costco. It's cheaper than you can make it for, and better too.

    1. You know that I have to google what brining a turkey means, lol. Speaking of Costco, we can totally go while you're here. Oh I miss our trips to Costco!

  3. Oh WOW!!! Everything looks delicious! I will be attempting a turkey too!!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  4. Fun - thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and you remind me so much of a iuliana I knew as a missionary in Moldova.... Did you ever know a sora Campbell?

    1. lol....that's me! Of course I remember Sora Campbell! How exciting that you randomly found my blog!

  6. So, I was needing a blog to read and so I got to exploring yours. I made a turkey this last year for the first time because they were on sale. Turns out, they are really easy. Smear it with lots of butter or bacon grease and add any spices you want and it turns out really juicy. Start out with a smaller turkey if you are worried about it being dry. Smaller ones are easier to cook.

    1. Well, I'm glad you're exploring mine, even though I haven't posted regularly since last summer. I keep wanting to make a regular thing, but not sure when. I always read your cute family blog.


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