10 DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For some reason when it comes to Christmas Tree toppers, it is very easy to mess up and have your gorgeous tree look goofy. I've seen a lot of ideas for toppers, and while store bought stars and angels are the most common, there are still some great ideas out there that can make your creative juices flowing. 

Groovy Disco Ball topper (How cool is this?!)

Sequin Bow Tree Topper

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.


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  1. Love all those ideas. I can never find a topper I like, I ended up just using a big red sparkly bow this year!

  2. Great idea. We've always just had a star. I never realized there were so many other wonderful options.

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I've been looking for some ideas this year. :)

  4. That ornament tree topper is so cute!

  5. Great round-up! Thanks for sharing. I'm on a burlap kick these days, so the last one is my fave! I'm thinking of getting a cardboard star and wrapping it in twine or burlap.... I'd better get on that!


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