The Epic Room Makeover Giveaway - Hip2Thrift Entry

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Mandi and Voters,

My name is Iuliana and I live in Broomfield, CO, which is located between Denver and Boulder. This is my official entry for the The Epic Room Makeover Giveaway! - easily the coolest giveaway ever!

I really wanted to do a cool video, but after spending days hours of trying to figure out how to edit a video, I decided to put that lame attempt to rest. In the same time, pictures are worth a thousand words, so pictures it is!

----------->>> A few pointers about the room:
                                     - it is a living room
                                     - it is an entry way
                                     - it is a dining room
                                     - it is a craft room
                                     - it is a play room
                                     - it is an office
                                     - it is a guest bedroom
                                     - it is a storage room

To all the other entrants - take THAT for a challenging room!!! To Mandi - I know you love a good challenge.

To the left of the front door:
Kindda cute, huh? Not so fast. It's not like I am a matchy matchy person, but nothing in this room works together, or compliments each other, or flows, or serve the purpose I intend it to.

EVERYTHING in this room is either donated/gifted to us, thrifted, or found in the dumpster. The latter refers to the TV stand, end table, baskets and other crap like that.

Voting starts on Sept 7 and ends on Sept 14th. PLEASE Vote for me here. I am Number 99

--------->>>View facing the front door. Please behold my gorgeous couch...and the pillows...oh how they work so well with those overstuffed cushions. I mean...they match perfectly, which...if you really think about what accent pillows are all about. 

There's also the perfect amount of balance between the belongings on the bookshelves and the emptiness of the vaulted ceiling walls. Really, that's how room design works - you should not use vertical space, but try to stuff everything on the floor and shelves around every inch of the room. I speak with great authority when I explain to y'all the basics of interior design.

I also think the couch and the above mentioned carefully chosen matching pillows, deserve a closer look.

I just love to sit on this couch and feel like I am in a grandma Christmas tree all year long! Wouldn't you wanna feel the same way? I tell is indeed a rare feeling. When we watch movies, I lay on the couch, while my husband prefers sitting in his pink chair. (honey...totally kidding here. I know that even though you want  to sit in it, you do let our awesome toddler daughter sit in

On a less sarcastic note - I did purchase a slip cover for the couch, but somehow my spatially challenged brain has not been successful in covering the couch without making it look like I put an oversized sheet on top of it.

--------->>> My mantle - oh how happy I was to have a fireplace and mantle when we moved into this apartment. Finally, all those pins of seasonally decorated mantles would finally find implementation on my very own mantle.

What's that? No...I didn't just have a babyshower in my house, and those paper wheels are really part of my everyday decor. I don't see anything wrong with making my living room look like a nursery. Also, when I hung them diagonally like that, I thought it would be so awesome for the decor to be parallel to the ceiling. Cool, huh? 

I'll also pretend that the paint stirrer american flag has not been on the mantle since before the 4th of July, but that I pulled it out for Labor Day. :)

Sometimes I like to sit on the little green chair and make smores by the fireplace. That's why the green chair is carefully placed in that position. Oh...and if I get bored during that highly appropriate INSIDE summer activity, I make sure I have my legos right in front of me, so I can start building something, while humming Bob the Builder, for added effect.

----------->>> A few more shots of the room, along with the highly tasteful design choices that I have made since we've moved to this apartment a few months ago.

Voting starts on Sept 7 and ends on Sept 14th. PLEASE Vote for me here I am Number 99

Don't you just loooove my totally empty vaulted ceiling walls? I know you do. There's no need for art, or vertical storage...really...I strongly stand by this decorating technique. 

You see that gorgeous ceiling fan?! It is the only ceiling light in this room, and that's the way I like it.

What about my vertical blinds? Really...there's just no better choice for a large sliding door window treatment than vertical blinds. 

I am serious here....vertical blinds and toddlers are very good friends. 

----------->>> Why choose me? (And here's where I leave my funny, or maybe not so funny, sarcasm     aside and tell you, Mandi and Voters, why you should choose me and my room)

                                     - I love junk and I love to shop for it
                                     - I love junk and I like to transform it
                                     - I love spray paint
                                     - I burst out into song or into comedian jokes all.the.time, and that makes for
                                       serious free entertainment
                                     - I don't know how to incorporate all the roles this room needs to play.
                                     - I love all of the sponsors. Oh man...I get all giddy of all the things that could
                                       happen with the help of the awesome sponsors of this giveways
                                     - I live in an apartment and a room makeover in an apartment would be such an
                                       awesome resource to so many of Mandi's readers (and new ones too) out there
                                       that don't have a house.

Voting starts on Sept 7 and ends on Sept 14th. PLEASE Vote for me here I am Number 99

                                     - I love to decorate. I love to create. However, so many of the beautifully      
                                       designed rooms I pin, just don't translate well into an apartment living        
                                       situation, which brings me back to the point of how I miserably I've failed in
                                       decorating this multipurpose room.
                                     - We're a young family and we will probably be living in this apartment for    
                                       awhile. So many readers out there are just like me - desperately wanting
                                       to make a home in our rented apartments, but can't find good resources that
                                       actually work. I mean...all those awesome Apartment Therapy apartments, are
                                       just not the norm. I don't have a fancy New York loft and I don't have a big
                                       budget. If I did, I would buy a house.
                                     - Which is why I neeeeeeeeeed Mandi to come bring some sense and beauty
                                      into my apartment living room. Not only would she completely change this
                                      room and make it oh so Mandilicious, she will teach me and so many of you
                                      how we can do this in all of our apartment spaces.

----------->>> A few more reasons:
                                    - We have a ton of thrift stores in the area (I live 10 minutes away from Boulder
                                    - We have Homegoods and Lowes and all that good stuff
                                    - I am European, so I can make some super yummy mediterannean food. Stuffed
                                    peppers anyone? Polenta with chicken kebabs? French crepes? Mmmmm....
                                    - I have friends that can come help
                                    - I love to paint, I love to remake furniture, I want to loose my power tool fear
                                    - Colorado has gorgeous weather
                                    - I have such a cool unique name - Iuliana
                                    - My hubs will probably totally paint or something, while we go get some
                                       midnight ice-cream or something like that.
                                    - Mandi, Mandi, Mandi....I am begging you!!!!!!!!!!

Voting starts on Sept 7 and ends on Sept 14th. PLEASE Vote for me here I am Number 99


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  1. Wow, how could you NOT win with a post like that?! Hilarious! Want to write mine? J/K I so wanted to be number 100! Oh well, I have been playing soccer mom ALL afternoon! Good luck!

    1. Mindi, where is your entry? You have to enter. Then there will be two chances that we could meet Mandi.

  2. Seriously, I am working on it right now, I stink, but an entry is an entry, right?

    1. Right. So I am not the only one up this late. I don't know how you do it. Waking up super early, taking care of 6 kids and now staying up to write this post. You seriously deserve to win! I will vote for you!

  3. I will totally vote for you :)

  4. I voted, and hope you win.
    Whatever you say, I love the mantle decorations.

  5. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!!!! Such a fun space to work with my love!! I am so glad that you entered!!

    Love your guts

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I feel like I just met a celebrity. I can't believe the awesome Mandi commented on MY blog. It would be so amazing if I won!!! Thank you for commenting. I may or may not have squealed when I saw your comment!!! Hugs!!!!

  6. you're funny! :D
    I've voted. Hope you win it!! I live in a crappier (and tinier) apartment, so it would be awesome to see what Mandi does with yours :)


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