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Friday, September 7, 2012

Today I want to introduce to you a brand new blog. I happen to be the one that designed the blog and Mindi, the author, happens to be my really good friend.

Introducing My Love 2 Create


Please head on over to Mindi's blog and show her some bloggy love.

Why I think you should follow her blog:

1. She has so many projects coming up, it's not even funny
2. Every project she makes is super cheap, which is always a good way to go
3. She is cute and funny
4. When she becomes big and famous, you'll be able to brag that you were among her first followers
5. She will rock your socks off with creativity
6. You really don't want to miss all the projects she is going to post. So why not just follow her so you know exactly when she posts something new for you?!

Here's her first project post
Pin It                                                                                Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

Isn't that the cutest transformation worthy of a princess?! So, head over to My Love 2 Create and show some support to this spanking new blog.'s Friday! Hugs,

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  1. Can I even describe how AWESOME you are? Probably not, but it's so true, you rock! Thanks so much for the shout out, and the amazing blog design! Go Iuliana, Go Iulaina, Go!


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