My first memory {Day 9} 30 Days to Finding your Blogging Voice

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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It is Day 9 of the 'Find your Blogging Voice' Challenge. For more details on how to participate, as well as to catch up on missed days, please go here and consider joining us.

Here's mine:
My first memory

My first memory is about something I still love a lot - tomatoes. I think I was 3 or I could've have been 2. I know I wasn't 4, because when I was 4 we moved to a different place. I was in preschool and they were doing some sort of flu vaccine for everyone. We were in a long hallway waiting for our turn. I remember thinking about how much I wanted a tomato salad. I remember actually tasting it in my mouth. Yes, people...that's how much I love tomatoes, and especially my tomato salad, that even my first memory is linked to that. I want a real tomato salad with the most amazingly tasty, fresh, organic vegetables in Moldova.

My husband says it's not possible to have memories at that age, but hey...I remember it happening.
Another early memory is of me trying to understand why when I look at my hat the tag is right in front of me, but when I put it on, it ends up being at the back of my head and vice versa. It was a concept I tried to understand for a long time. As I grew up, my mom told me that when I was in preschool I always took forever to put my hat on. I can see why...I was trying to learn the physics of it all.

Your turn now: My first memory

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