You know you're a craftaholic when...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

                                         Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous is having a super fun blogiversary Contest/Giveaway. You basically just take a picture that will continue the phrase "You know you're a Craftaholic when..."

So wanted to share with you how I am completing the statement.

You know you're a Craftaholic when...
you go to a farm type museum and 
you wish it was an antique shop so
you can buy  their display

Do you have any fun things to say to complete the sentence? 

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  1. Popped in from SITS! That's too cute!

  2. find crafting supplies sitting out all over your house.

    (Or maybe that's just me cause I'm so messy!)

    Popping in from SITS. Looking forward to checking out your site!


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