Write about nature...{Day 5} 30 Days to Finding your Blogging Voice

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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It is Day 5 of the 'Find your Blogging Voice' Challenge. For more details on how to participate, as well as to catch up on missed days, please go here and consider joining us.

Here's mine:
Write about nature. Include the following words: hard drive, stapler, phone, car, billboard.  
I go on the porch/balcony of our little apartment and I see mountains.Oh what a view. Back in the Chicago burbs, the view was houses and more house. To be fair, the Chicagoland area is very green and there are lots of trees, which make for pretty views and walks. When Abby was a newborn , I would take her outside in a stroller and we would walk the tree filled streets. I would most likely be on the phone with a girlfriend, complaining how my baby is chewing on my nipples while nursing and how wasn't sure how her toothless, adorable, tiny mouth was capable acting like a stapler while nursing, 
or how my computer crashed and advising her how she should get an external hard drive.  
But she is smarter than me and uses online back-up systems.

When we first moved to CO we had only one car, and so I would have to take Trent to work every morning and then pick him up. Oh...the view was breathtaking, as he works straight West of where we live and where the mountains are. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen one single billboard on the side of the highway going west on 36 towards Boulder. 

Now it's your turn.  Write about nature. Include the following words: hard drive, stapler, phone, car, billboard. This one was a little hard for me, but this is exactly the kind of exercise I needed, because it forced to use words I didn't want. Very often, I feel limited when I have to write about something specific, and therefore I just don't write. Writing about this prompt really taught me that words should NOT limit, but instead aid us in our writing. 

  I know it's weird, but trust me, by the end of the 30 days, after writing about such random stuff, you'll feel like you can tackle any writing on your blog.

Miss a day? No worries! Here you can find the rest of the ways we've been working on.

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Happy Blogging and Hugs,

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  1. I love following along on this! Now to think think think about a quick post to write using those words before the kiddos wake up.


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