What can you do with Chalk Board Paint?

Friday, August 31, 2012

There are so many cool ways to use chalk board paint. Today I worked on a project that involved this awesome paint and it looks awesome. While I am working on pictures and a tutorial, enjoy this list of ideas I've put together using my beloved Pinterest. 

Chalk board wall decal!

                                                    Source: etsy.com via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                     Chalk board coffee table

                                        Chalk board paint on the inside of drawers for labeling

                                                                          Food labels

                                                   Chalk board contact paper. Oh the possibilities!

Source: amazon.com via Iuliana on Pinterest

Chalk board in a white kitchen. I'm in heaven.                                                                              

                                               Cute magnetic chalk board with vintage frame.

Source: etsy.com via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                                  Fun chalk board place mats

                                                         Chalk Painted Jar Lids. Genius!

                                           Cork board, chalk board, frame & magnetic board!

Source: google.com via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                           Perfect for the Halloween!

                                                          Chalk board window calendar

Source: None via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                                 Cabinet door chalk board

                                                          Chalk board details

                             Old window, chalk board, jars, flowers and pictures ALL in ONE!

Source: None via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                                    Chalk Board Fridge

                                                                Kitchen Chalk Board

Source: houzz.com via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                                                  Love this banner!

I have a bunch more ideas in my Pinterest board here.

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