{Day 3} 30 Days to Finding your Blogging Voice

Friday, August 24, 2012

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It is Day 3 of the 'Find your Blogging Voice' Challenge. For more details on how to participate, as well as to catch up on missed days, please go here and consider joining us.

Write about what you're wearing on your feet, if anything. I am on the couch with my laptop on my lap. I can see my toes. I am not wearing any footwear. I have cute pink nail polish on my toe nails, although I am usually the french or dark red type of pedicure. I haven't gotten my a manicure and pedicure in forever. It's funny, because I used to get them done regularly, but now that I am a mommy I feel like I can spend that money somewhere else. However, if anyone wants to gift me a day at the spa, I will happily accept the offer:)

Anyway, back to writing about my feet. What a weird thing to write about, but a writing exercise is an exercise and I will stick with it. I love my feet and my husband thinks it's the weirdest thing that I do. I know, I am weird. You see, my feet are the only part of my body that still looks unaffected by pregnancy or weight gain, or stretch marks, or whatever. They look as cute as ever. I have uniform toes, and although I wear size 9, I see no problem with that - you know...as long as I have cute toes, I am totally fine.

Now it's your turn. Write about what you're wearing on your feet, if anything. I know it's weird, but trust me, by the end of the 30 days, after writing about such random stuff, you'll feel like you can tackle any writing on your blog.

Miss a day? No worries! Here you can find the rest of the ways we've been working on.

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Happy writing and some big hugs,

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