30 Days to Finding your Blogging Voice {Day 2}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It is Day 2 of the 'Find your Blogging Voice' Challenge. For more details on how to participate, as well as to catch up on missed days, please go here and consider joining us.

Describe your most annoying facebook friend. I have so many, that it's hard to pick. No, I am just kidding. I can think of a few that are equally annoying though. They are always on the bandwagon of the latest ridiculous facebook game - you know...MobWars, Farmville, and others that I don't recall as I never pay attention to that. The most recent invite has been My Calendar. Annoying!

But just a facebook friend may be annoying at times, it doesn't mean they're not a good friend. It's funny that I think about this whole thing in terms of what affect it has one me. Yes. Selfish. It's all about me. Must change attitude. You know, maybe that's the next step - instead of just keeping up with news about our friends, and discard the annoying part, why not choose a friend a week/day/month to show some love for them. Maybe an actual card in the mail for their birthday? Oh my goodness, maybe that annoying friend that keeps sending me My Calendar invites, wants to put me on their calendar so they can mail me a card for my birthday. I am doomed. I am terrible with my facebook friends. Forgive me 'My Calendar'.

Now it's your turn. Describe your most annoying facebook friend.

Miss a day? No worries! Here you can find the rest of the ways we've been working on.

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  1. Just completed day 2. I swore I came to your page yesterday looking for Day 2 and it was no where to be found. Today it is right here :-). Here is a link http://sailawaywithdharper.blogspot.com/2012/08/day-2-of-finding-your-own-blogging.html

    Thank you so much again. I am learning so much about blogging. Day 4 of blogging and now I learned how to grab buttons and link!


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