Pintertainment Weely {week 2}

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have been working (in the few minutes of peace I get when my kiddo naps) on organizing and making our new little rental apartment pretty. Here are a few pins that have actually gotten me to get up and do just that.

So fresh and light. This is exactly what I was planning to do with my kitchen table.

Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

                       We have vaulted ceiling in our living room and  a little sunburst mirror won't do.
                      This one is made out of paper! How cool is that?

                                 Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

                                  Old dresser drawers upcyled into a fabulous!

            And one of my favorite and the most misunderstood by my husband, is this chippy goodness.

                                                    Source: via Iuliana on Pinterest

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  1. Very nice, I was looking at that exact sunburst mirror on pinterest a few days ago! I am still thinking of making it.... I also love the chippy goodness-and I don't think most men understand!

    1. Maybe we should just make some sort of sunburst mirror for our craft morning.


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