Just wanted to take a minute and show you our new apartment. I really like our living room. . It has a vaulted ceiling with a skyline AND and a mantle...oh I mean fireplace. I am more excited about the mantle as you can tell. Never had a mantle before and so i Can't wait to decorate it.

There is my friend Rajee and my stinker bell, Abby checking for any defects before we move in.

The kitchen is pretty dated, but it has a good dishwasher - the first time I live in a place with a dishwasher.

I wish they'd let us paint it, since we're renting. Any ideas of what I could do?

Rajee stayed with us for about a week, which was really helpful, because hubs had to start work right away. We found a good washer and dryer on Craigslist and Trent went and got it for us.  the next day we wanted to do laundry and couldn't wait for Trent to get home to install them. So, our master plumber and electrician Rajee decided to take matters in her own hands.

I attempted to unpack some more. It's hard to unpack when nothing has a home yet. And why is it that the bedroom is the catchall?

To reward us for our hard work the hubs gave in to peer pressure from Rajee:))) and took us out for ice cream at ColdStone:)

You may notice Abby's rosy cheeks. Let me expand on that - ever since we came here, we have been experiencing some serious skin dryness. Our lips are cracked and no amount of chap stick is helping. Our noses itch and Abby's even bled. Her cheeks are super dry and red. Poor kid. We've also been having headaches off and on, due to the higher altitude here. Staying well hydrated has helped a bit.

That's it for our first week in Colorado.

Stay tuned for more Colorado News!

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