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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just a couple of days after hubbys graduation, he got a call from someone he interviewed with a few months before, and was offered a job in Louisville, Colorado. After much prayer, fasting, visiting the temple, as well as carefully considering other options, he decided to take the job.

So, we had a little less than two weeks to make the move. To say it was a bit of a stressful time will not accurately describe those two weeks. We had lots of help, especially with watching Abby, while we purged and packed.  Even after extensive purging, we still ended up with waaaay too many boxes. Here's our living room full of boxes.

Hubby's smile is very deceiving. Packing is never fun. :)

We packed up the truck, stayed the night at my in-laws' and left the next morning. My hubs drove the truck and I drove the car. My friend Rajee rode with me to help take care of Abby while I drove. It really was very helpful, because Abby was taken care of and entertained. I imagine if it was just me and Abby....lots of crying and yelling would be involved (and I am not talking about Abby only). We stopped for breaks and for the night and did the trip in 2 days.

Abby the DJ (seriously...she looked like a little gangsta in this tracksuit)

When I was too tired, Abby took a turn to drive.

We arrived at our destination safe and sound. We had relatives and new friends come help us unload the truck (even Trent't new boss came, which was very nice of him). I don't have a picture of everything unpacked, because it's not. I have the feeling it won't be for awhile.Iuliana
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