Before and After Feature - slip cover your couch

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I have an ugly couch. I admit it. We can't buy a new one at this time. Even though I am the queen of buying used, hence the name of my blog, I have a serious phobia (somebody help!!!) of buying any used upholstered items. Why? Because I am scared of bed bugs. It's that simple. If I can't wash it, I won't buy it (Kara J, I hope it's ok I am quoting you here).

So, for my ugly sofa, I bought a slip cover. Total fail. I spent an entire day messing with it and it just didn't work. I gave least for awhile.

 BUT, today I am featuring a friend of mine, who succeeded at using a slip cover for her couch. 
Check out Ahsley's couch


and here it is


Really cute and simple way to create a big impact. You can go to her blog to check out more details.

Now if only I can figure out what to do with my couch. How I want to have cute pillows, but I can't, because they will looks silly with my floral ugly couch. Advice is always welcome!

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  1. what was the brand of the slip cover you got? Mine is sure fit and after looking at a bunch of brands, that brand seems to be the best.

    PS I miss you, my bloggy friend!

  2. I got mine from

    I miss you too. Are you moving soon?


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