$50 Bathroom Makeover

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today I am revealing the makeover of my in-laws’ guest bathroom.  The budget was really small, so the changes I made were very economical, but in the same time I’d say pretty impactful. The wallpaper had to go, so after I peeled it all off (you can see the tutorial for that right here), I had a clean slate to paint. First off I made sure I spackled all the imperfections and, after it was all dry, sanded them down to a smooth finish. I primed and painted the walls twice.  I also primed and painted the ceiling. In between coats, I painted the sink cabinets and the baseboards.

It’s funny to me that the whole painful intense process can be described in a couple of sentences. Somehow, it sounds so simple and so fast. Like I described here, the whole process took me about a week. If you have no kids and pets, the process may go so much faster. Anyway, I am happy with the results.

Here’s the BEFORE:IMG_4205

Lovely, isn’t it? And here are a few pictures AFTER:



I also framed the mirror, which in my opinion makes for a beautiful change. It was low cost, high effort, and big impact. I used the tutorial I found over at It All Started With Paint. It was not as easy as she described it (and hopefully in a later post, I will tell you how I managed to make the process ridiculously difficult)

I also spray painted the light fixture and bought a new towel holder and toilet paper holder to match the color of the light fixture.

As finishing touches, I got rid of the old shower curtain, bought a cute one at Home Goods, got some towels and new bathroom rugs.

I love the color on the walls (Martha Stewert – gravel – in a satin finish). What do you think?

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  1. I misspelled my previous comment. Ha! anyway, love it! it looks sooooo good! awesome job!

  2. Lovely bathroom! It looks fashionable.

  3. It definitely looks contemporary now. Great job updating with little money, and a lot of blood sweat and tears.

  4. The bathroom remodel looks great! So sorry it wasn't as easy as I described ... perhaps because I was working with a smaller mirror and the moulding leaned up against the wall so when I put all the pieces together they basically held each other in place like a puzzle.

    I know you miss Chicago but at least you're keeping yourself busy in CO ...



  5. Did you use the same paint color for the cabinets as the walls?

  6. Did you use the same paint color for the cabinets as the walls?

    1. No, the cabinets are white. There is no natural light in the room, so it was hard to take good pictures.


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