How to make and install your own wall shelf

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have been helping one of my best friends decorate her new place. She had some old wood scraps in her basement and asked me if I can make a wall shelf for her. Whaaaa? I have no woodworking skills whatsoever, but somehow I still agreed to do it.

{How to}

1. I may not know how to build stuff (yet), but I do know how to paint. So I found the nicest pieces of wood, cleaned it, primed it and the gave it two light coats of bright yellow Rustoleum spray paint (just spray paint I had already). So far the project is free. I'd take free any day.

I then got a set of brackets from Ikea for only $5.00. Gotta love Ikea for the prices of stuff like this.

2. This was my very FIRST time installing a shelf on the wall, and especially using anchors. I now feel like I can do anything.

These brackets are versatile. I chose to install them upside down.

3. Place the shelf on your brackets and you are seriously done. Now let's decorate it.

Total project cost = $5.00

That's it for now folks. Stay tuned for more inexpensive, thrifted and DIY projects.

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P.S. The art on the wall was made by my friend. She wanted to display her own art in her new apartment. I gotta ask her to paint something for me.
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  1. You are so creative! Love the cute knick knacks on the shelf- esp. that distressed candle. Happy weekend to you!!

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  3. Well the shelf brackets look nice but do I see a bow in the shelf itself or is it a photographic distortion due to using an extra wide angle lens? Believe me those particle wood MDF shelves do not lend themselves well for any kind of even slightly heavy load.

    1. this was real wood, not MDF and the bowing is a photographic distortion. I could not get my camera to focus without the bowing of straight lines.


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