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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear followers,

I am in desperate need for your advice. So, you know the name of my blog and when my friends and I came up with it, I thought it was really clever. I still do, but for some reason people become dyslexic when they see it and always end up thinking it is procraStination, which sends the wrong message, one that I am not partial to at all. I am not attached to it very much and it doesn't always reflect my blogging content.

I started a new blog with a name I really like, transferred all my content there and messed in html with my mediocre coding skills. BUT, there are no followers. (what I should've done, is change the url and name instead of create a new blog with the name I liked. I realized my mistake as soon as I hit 'create new blog').

 I was just talking to one of my besties and asking her what to do. She, as the responsible adult, told me the decision is mine. That sucks, because if it doesn't work, it will totally be my fault.

So my dilemma: do I stay with blog and a name that I don't particularly work well with,


do I just go to this new blog and hope people will follow. Will you follow my new blog?

UPDATE: the name I want to use is Hip2Thrift.

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  1. I like the name Procraftination. I think that maybe the real problem is the font that it is in. I would play around with your logo, accentuating the word CRAFT, instead of trying to transfer your followers over to somewhere else. You can always copy any posts from the new blog back over here.
    anyways, that is what I think. good luck! Hope you get it worked out!!

  2. I agree with Shari. And I had no idea you had another blog. I need to pay more attention obviously.

  3. I also agree with Shari. However, you can just change the name and URL of this blog in blogger and have Kim design you a new header, and buttons with the new name.

  4. I can't change the URL, because I created another blog with the name I want. Even if I delete it, I can't use that URL.

  5. Like this one :) Need to check out your new blog.

  6. Yey...I figured it out. I changed the URL and the name of the blog. Now Kim, my awesome blog designer over at, is working on my new header. Yey! So excited. Thank you so much for your input!!!


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