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Thursday, January 5, 2012

This post has nothing and everything to do with crafting and decorating. My husband is graduating in one month and has been looking for jobs. We have wanted to move to CO for awhile now and there may be a job for him there, and we may need to move asap.

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My frustration lies with the unknown. I am dying to want to work on projects and share them with you, but is it worth it if we may be moving soon? For example: I have a dresser I want to refinish, but if we're moving it might get all banged up during the move? Or what if we can't take it with us to begin with, because there will be no space for it. We live in a small apartment and even with the move and new job (really praying that it will happen. It sucks to have NO income), I don't see us upgrading to something bigger anytime soon. It's not like we'd be moving to Texas where you can rent an apartment (or even a house!!! A girl can dream.) for the same price we are here in Chicago, but much nicer and bigger.

So, what should I do? Should I start packing? Should I make more holes in the walls hang that shelf, I was planning to hang above my desk? Should I reorganize my pantry/linen closet?

Please advise...
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  1. hey! we are the in same boat!! i'm afraid i don't have much advice, but i'm so there with you. we might be moving in the next couple of months too...

    but I say if you want to finish the dresser, DO IT. If you can't take it with you...craigslist? ;)

  2. I didn't know you guys were thinking of moving. Do you have a place in mind? How does it feel to be done with the internship? We should get together and do a fun craft.

  3. How about both of you just decide to never move? I think that is the easiest and best (for me) solution.

  4. Hubs didn't get the job. They chose someone that was already there and didn't have to move. Back to square one - looking for a job.


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