Craigslist Dresser find

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I finally  found the perfect dresser to redo. I saw it on facebook, emailed the owner, and a few hours later I found myself looking for someone with a truck. Luckily we did find someone, and my husband went to get it. We live in an apartment complex with no garage, and seeing as it is the middle of winter, I could not refinish it outside. My good friend Lindsay M. offered her garage for this project, so my hubby took it directly to her house. Then we had a storm, so I didn’t go to her house for a week.

When I saw it in real life, I fell in love even more. But wait…there’s more. I opened one of the drawers and guess what?! It was on wheels!!! I had already given up on looking for one with drawers on wheels, so I wasn’t even thinking this may have them. Want to see it?


Best part? It was only $30. It is all real wood, it is in good condition and it is exactly what I wanted in the bedroom. Stay tuned for the makeover! Pin It

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