Best interiors { Warning - picture overload}

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Check out these awesome interiors that I had the opportunity to photograph. 

Such a happy country/rustic breakfast nook!

Do you have a vanity like this?

Love the view, the walls, the buffets, the chandelier

This staircase is amazing. 

Nothing can beat a library like this

Fell in love with this space.

Bird cage love...

Yes, I went to all these spaces. It was pretty amazing. You probably already noticed that these pictures were taken through a window...a small one. These rooms were miniature rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. It's pretty incredible to see all those details and go back in time through my currently most favorite medium  -interior design.

This picture has a lot of glare, but I had to post it because of the chair, designed in 1870. Really...Missoni looking chevron print back then? Love it!!!

Just a few more comentless rooms. 

Is that a scarf, or maybe a sweater...

Love the Art Institute!

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  1. Great post! I was staring in amazement when I finally figured out it was miniatures. So cute and clever.
    And yes, very beautiful spaces.


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