5 signs that you are addicted to Pinterest

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1. Not a day goes by without pinning and if there is a day without it, you acknowledge it in order to convince yourself you are not addicted to Pinterest.

2. Spending 3 hours on Pinterest in one sitting is very easy to justify.

3. You use Pinterest as your primary search engine.

4. You have a board with recipes and use them for your weekly menu.

5. Bookmarking seems so dated to you.

Are you addicted? What other signs of addiction have you noticed?
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  1. 1) yes.
    2) yes.
    3) yes.
    4) yes.
    5) seriously yes. ;)

    ha ha ha

  2. This is funny. I saw a pin the other day that said "Thank you pinterest for helping me feel creative after spending three hours staring at the computer." :) I thought it was fitting for this post.


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