My Holiday Decor - handmade and very economical

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is a repost from Holiday Season 2011.

We live in a small apartment, so even just having a Christmas tree sometimes seems like a lot for our small living room. That's why going light on decor seemed like a good and economical idea. Most things I made myself and just enjoyed having reminders for the reason we celebrate Christmas.

No mantle? No problem? I just hung a horizontal frame above the TV, attached a piece of ribbon and displayed my cards. I used a push pin to hang my peppermint wreath and double sided tape for the letters.

I framed my polka dotted wrapping paper and stuck a printable in the middle.

Since I was on the peppermint ball (pun intended), I decided to make a peppermint ball and then just placed
 it on a large candle holder.

Here's my hutch in the kitchen all dolled up for the holidays

This hutch is not only home to a lot of kitchen stuff, but also to my sewing machine. Tis the life in a small apartment with no storage space. I am grateful for what we have and most of all for the birth of Jesus Christ and the light it brings into our lives.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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  1. wow this is so cute! So creative! I wish i had that touch, but instead i buy all my stuff from places like . keep up the good work.


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