11 Killer Resources for Craft Room Organization

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am currently working on my little craft/office nook in our dining room. I have a ways to go with a bunch of challenges. Something about having a $0 budget makes it a bit harder to transform a space. Here's just a teaser sneak-peak.


In the mean time, check out these awesome craft room organization ideas that are an inspiration for me. I love every single one of these ideas, even though I don't even have a craft room. I live in a small apartment and having a craft designated area is just unrealistic, which is why what I do make, it has to work as an office that can be used both by me and husband. What I do have is a craft dresser and baskets/bins hidden in different spots, so as to not make my husband go crazy. 
I dream of a craft room though. So, I did a bit of drooling on Pinterest, of course, and found these amazing organizing ideas for craft supplies. 
How cute are these baby food jars. Yay for re-using what you already have! I see some Ikea goodness here. Find it at Goodhousekeeping
The crate idea is just so dang cute from Homespuntoronto. I may need to make some as soon 
as I find some pallet boards.

Wrapping paper storage – brilliant! Find it here.

Embroidery floss storage. This is fab for avoiding knots. I also use just pencils or a chip of wood. This is cuter though. Find it here.

Gorgeous thread storage. I love the mustard frame. It also would look super cute in turquoise. Here it is.

We all have ribbon in our house, and I have too much overflowing everywhere. This is such a fabulous idea!!!

I adore the little buckets! And check out the turntable here.

Be still my mason-jars-lovin’ heart! You can use these for everything, not just crafts!

I am usually not a big fan of how pegboards look, but this one just knocked it out of the park for me. Plus look at the mason jars on the shelves. Organizational heaven! *Sigh*

I am doing this...like today.

And these ideas are just so cute!

For more fabulous organizing inspiration, check out my Organizational Ideas Pinterest Board!
How do you organize your craft supplies? Do you have a craft area?
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