My Etsy story - short version

Monday, May 2, 2011

In 7th grade I decided I didn't want to be a mother. Sad...sniff sniff:(

Why? Because in 7th grade we had these really cool classes at school, learning how to make a lot of different cool things. I wish I paid more attention. Back then, I didn't think they were cool at all. In fact, I used to think that having this class as mandatory was another way to make girls/women learn that their only future is being a stay-at-home mom, and that those were the things we young girls needed to think about: learning everything we could to get a prince that would pay for everything. Although I secretly loved sowing, and knitting, and cooking, I thought it was important for me to not give in to the whole dogma and take a stand. Shh...don't tell anyone...I failed the class on purpose. 

A lot has changed since then. After years of studying, taking a strong political stand, law school, fighting for human rights, I have to say that today my favorite thing in the whole wide world is being a mother, and all the things that come with that. Of course, being a wife that is deeply loved, and respected by her husband isn't bad either (wink wink at my hubby). He is certainly that prince that I thought I didn't want, but that I am madly in love with and cheesy as it might sound - I can't live without him.

I am still very active in staying informed about issues that are close to my heart (think NPR), but at the moment I feel like my contribution to this world is to raise my daughter righteously. Maintaining an eternal perspective really helps me realize that I can and will do many great things...and that, my friends, is super cool. I can surely get a little more profound on this subject, but since I am not very good at writing and there is probably limited post space, I am going to stop here; before I start not making any sense(not fishing for compliments here).

Thus, I think that my re-discovered passion for making things is mainly due to my nesting instincts, that are still lingering (such an oxymoron) from my pregnancy, and other people's examples.

I've always liked doing things with my hands - manual work as they call it where I am originally from - like cleaning the house, sweeping my grandma's yard, cleaning windows, doing dishes, ironing, watering plants (ok, not all plants; just vegetables...since I love them so much, my husband has to sometimes remind me that I am not a rabbit and that I should eat other things other than leaves.I have totally digressed here. Good thing this is all in parenthesis!), and other activities of this sort. Some of these activities have stopped being on my top favorite activities' list, but crafting is definitely really close to the top.

And that's how You-Lee-Ana Boutique came to be. "Me" like Etsy very much. À tout à l'heure!!!Pin It

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